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"Unlock Your Potential on our Grip-enhancing Yoga Mats"

No Slip Grip

Safe for the whole family

Eco-friendly and sustainably

free from PVCs

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Yoga Mat (Brown)

Dimensions: 70 x 24 Inches Weight: 630.00 Grams Materials: Cotton

Yoga Mat (Cream)

Dimensions: 70 x 24 Inches Weight: 630.00 Grams Materials: Cotton

Yoga Mat (Green)

Dimensions: 70 x 24 Inches Weight: 630.00 Grams Materials: Cotton

Yoga Mat (Blue)

Dimensions: 70 x 24 Inches Weight: 630.00 Grams Materials: Cotton


This product is respecting traditions and the making process is entirely done by hand. It is handcrafted with love by our women artisans.


This product is protecting Moter Earth and the people. It is eco-friendly, plastic free, cruelty free, chemicals free, and pollution free.

Fair Trade

This product is contribuing to ending fast fashion, sweatshops, child-labor and modern slavery. It is providing living wage to its makers.

yoga mats

By prioritizing durability, comfort, and grip.

We understand that a yoga mat is an investment, and we prioritize materials that are known for their durability. Our mats are crafted using high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that they can handle regular use and maintain their performance over an extended period.

Your comfort during your yoga practice is essential to us. That’s why we select materials that offer excellent cushioning and support. Our mats provide a comfortable surface that helps protect your joints and provides stability, allowing you to focus on your practice without discomfort.

We prioritize materials that offer superior grip and traction to enhance your practice. Our mats feature textured surfaces that provide a reliable grip, reducing the risk of slipping and allowing you to hold poses with confidence. With excellent traction, you can transition smoothly and feel secure throughout your practice.


"Unlock the Benefits of Premium Yoga Mats"


Extended lifespan investment.


Beautiful and inspiring design.


Enhanced practice dedication.


Easy to clean.


Improved posture precision.

Joint Protection

Reduced impact and strain.


Enhanced balance and control.


Reliable and slip-resistant.


Cushioned and supportive.


Long-lasting and resilient.


Optimal functionality and results.


Assured and self-assured practice.

Our Mats

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HEMP Collection

This beautiful Cotton Yoga Mat and Bag Set includes one Yoga Mat and one Yoga Mat Bag.

Add some plush to your yoga or meditation experience with our Cotton Yoga Mat Set. You can use this as a yoga mat directly or place it on top of your synthetic mat. This extra padded Yoga Mat gives your feet a nice massage, and create a more luxurious yoga experience for you.

The bag has three pockets: the main pocket has a long, high-quality 19-inch zipper to help you easily insert your yoga mat; there’s also a front pocket and inside the main pocket, there’s one small pocket where you can keep your wallet, keys, and phone safe and sound. The 33-inch strap is adjustable to fit all body types.

yoga mats

Main Features

Personal Space and Comfort Zone

Practicing yoga on a mat creates a defined personal space and a sense of comfort and familiarity. 

Mindfulness and Focus

Having a dedicated yoga mat helps create a designated space for your practice, signaling a transition into a mindful and focused state. 

A Symbol of Commitment

Using a yoga mat represents a commitment to your practice and self-care.

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HEMP Collection

HEMP Grows wild in Nepal

Free of chemicals and nurtured with natural resources.

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